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Happy & Healthy Life

Happy & Healthy Life

by Clear Ridge Vets

How to help your pet have a healthy and happy life……

The best way top show your pet you love them is to care for them responsibly and help them to keep fit and healthy…..this in turn will strengthen your relationship with your much loved animal so you enjoy an even more rewarding relationship.

Home Alone
Most dogs love company and want to be with people as much as possible.  So wether it’s a dog walker, doggy day care, a friend dropping in or minimising the amount of time your dog spends on their own will be great for their happiness.

Nutrional Needs
Changing your animals’s diet and gradually introducing news foods can have a big effect - as well as improving their overall health, you should notice an improved skin and coat, smaller and firmer stools and a rise in energy levels.  A change to natural or advanced nutrition food can help tailer their diet to suit ther needs.

Dogs are naturally social animals and they need mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Playing helps to kep them fit and creates an important bond between you and your dog.

Ration the Rewards
When obedience training your dog, remember that they are motivated by tasty morsels, so pick their favourite training treat.  Spread your training sessions out so that you do not overfeed them while rewarding them.

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