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Clear Ridge vets general small animal services

Small Animals

The Vets and Nurses at Clear Ridge have a long background of experience of Small Animal work across all the disciplines

  • from Internal Medicine to ENT
  • from Dental Work to Abdominal Surgery
  • from Urinary Tract Problems to Skin Cases
  • from Emergencies/Trauma to Oncology/Cancer Medicine
  • from Orthopaedics to Neurology


Vaccinations at Clear Ridge Vets


Cats, Dogs, Ferrets and Rabbits all benefit from the protection of Vaccination.

All our vaccinations have a high degree of safety and have undergone rigorous testing by the vaccine company. In addition, Vaccination confers a good high level of immunity enabling your animal to fight off otherwise serious and life-threatening infection. Get in touch to discuss your vaccination needs.


Ophthalmology Referrals at Clear Ridge Vets

Ophthalmology Referrals

We have a long standing Referral Service for Eye cases which includes BVA/ISDS Eye Testing.

We treat Ophthalmology cases across several species. Cases vary from:

  • Emergencies to Eyelid problems
  • Ulcers to Cataracts
  • Vision matters to Neurological Eye Syndromes


Surgery at Clear Ridge Vets


The business of anaesthetising and operating on your animal family member is always taken seriously, from both the anaesthetic safety and surgical risk points of view.


We assess each patient in objective manner and not necessarily in subjective terms that might otherwise be applied. Then an appropriate anaesthetic regime is given and the patient is carefully monitored…


X-Rays and Imaging at Clear Ridge Vets

X-Rays & Imaging

This area is an important part of the practice with lots of animals being X-Rayed or Ultrasounded or both.

We have a powerful ZooVet X-Ray machine and a new Agfa Digital X-Ray processor allowing us to send Radiographs for Hip and Elbow Scoring on CD.

We can look at X-Rays on the computer throughout the practice. Both plain X-Rays and also Contrast Studies are done on a regular basis.


Welcome to Clear Ridge

We want you to feel that we are your Vets and therefore confident to pass on information relevant to your animal’s problems: Confident to give us responsibility for your family pet’s treatment, aimed at resolving those problems. We will try our very best to fulfil that role and are driven by wanting to succeed for you.

If you would like to see what we can offer, and to get a feel for the surgery and staff you can ring to organise an informal visit at either our Stamford vets practice or our Peterborough vets practice, to speak to one of our front of house staff.

Then you will know that we want to provide your best family member with treatment that is up to date and that is appropriate to suit his or her situation. You will realise that our nursing staff are very caring with their patients, and that we aim to do the best for those patients. READ MORE

Where there are treatment options, we will endeavour to present you with those options and where it seems relevant give some direction, but sometimes it may be a personal choice.

We like to explain treatments and surgeries to owners where they may be less straightforward, either in detail, by analogy, or put in more basic terms. Often it is a combination of a little of all these ways.

Sometimes it is easiest to go a little way along the treatment path and for you to then judge the response and hence how far to proceed. Often this is the way with treating tumours (Oncology), but it is not the only discipline where this approach applies.

If you feel that you need more information or more explanation then contact us and you can discuss things with the Vet that you dealt with. Alternatively you can speak to another Vet who may put things slightly differently, possibly more clearly.


Stamford Vets

  • Address: 43 Empingham Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2RJ.
  • Tel: 01780 764333
  • Email: [email protected]

Peterborough Vets

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